Chandana Sourabha

                                                                                The CKS Laureate “Chandana Sourabha” Award

1.0 What is CKS Laureate Award?

Chandana Kannada Sangha (“CKS”) initiated an award program in 2008 recognizing kannadigas living in metro KC area for their contribution and service to the community in metro KC. CKS is institutionalizing this award officially starting in 2011 by naming it “The CKS Laureate Award” (“The Award”). This Award recognizes the involvement and achievements of CKS members above and beyond the call of duty. Divya Satish and Satish Sundar were the first recipients of this Award in 2008. Keshava Kote and Sridhar Harohalli were the recipients in 2009.

The single main criterion for this Award is selfless service to the community around us, although other criteria including improving the relationship of CKS with other regional organizations, non- profit entities, and creating a sense of cohesiveness are considered. The recipient of this Award shall exhibit perseverance, represent CKS and its values, culture, Kannada language and the Kannadiga heritage. The Award DOES NOT have a cash value. Every effort must be made to select at least one recipient each year, although, circumstances and lack of nominations may prevent CKS from selecting anyone at all.

2.0 Who receives the CKS Laureate Award…
The nominees of the Award must:

  • Show strong and positive contributions.
  • Have a proven track record of achievements that transcend CKS and its values..
  • Show commitment to our community, including other regional organizations and yet
    balance work and family life.
  • Exhibit extraordinary personal commitment, strong teamwork, leadership qualities, and
    high integrity and create opportunity.
  • Create a sense of satisfaction among members involved in any initiatives they are part of. 2.6 Work selflessly for the Kannada Community in particular and community in general
    without expecting any returns in cash/kind or otherwise, including personal gain and profit motives.

3.0 Selection/Nomination criteria…
A person shall receive the Award only once.

  • The Award DOES NOT have a cash value
  • The CKS Youth Group (CKSYG) members are NOT eligible for receiving this award. The
    Award recipient must be 21 or older.
  • TEvery effort is made to select at least one recipient each year, although, circumstances may
    prevent CKS from selecting anyone at all.
  • The Award recipient must hold valid CKS membership (either annual membership or life
    membership) at the time of nomination and through the nomination year.
  • The Award is presented to a maximum of two members each year.
  • The Award shall be presented on Rajyotsava and Deepavali Celebrations held each year in
  • The Award recipient is called on the stage along with his/her family to receive the Award.
  • Both spouse members are eligible for receiving the CKS Laureate Award but NOT during the same year.e
  • Other awards/recognitions given to CKS member not called “CKS laureate Award” shall not be considered as a past recipient of CKS Laureate Award.e
  • A person shall receive the Award only once.

4.0 Selection Procedure:

  • he Award Committee (“Committee”) shall consist of one senior member of the CKS Executive Committee, one member of the CKS Board of Trustees (appointed by BOT chair person) and one member from the general CKS community who holds a valid CKS membership at the time of nomination (CKS Executive Committee to select the award committee member outside of EC/BOT by majority vote). CKS Executive Committee as a whole is the reserve committee member whose vote is called in only in case of a tie break.
  • The Award committee invites nominations from CKS member community
  • Award Committee selects AT THE MOST two recipients each year.
  • The Committee shall select the Award recipient from the list of nominations received. The
    decision MUST be unanimous
  • If one of the Committee member excuses himself/herself citing conflicts of interest, the
    remaining two member’s decision must be unanimous.
  • If two out of the three members excuse themselves because of conflicts of interests, then
    the nominations are put forth with the CKS Executive Committee for a tie-break decision. The selection from the CKS Executive Committee can be by a majority vote. The final selection from the CKS Executive Committee shall be counted as ONE vote.
  • At least two votes from the selection committee are required for the selection to be valid.

5.0  2011 CKS Laureate Award selection committee for 2001…
The CKS Laureate Award selection committee for 2011 consists of…

  • Srikanth Honnur, Vice President, CKS
  • Sreedhara Murthy, CKS EC Member, CKS Board of Trustees 3. Long-standing CKS member – TBD

Dr. Purnaprajna Bangere and Shivananda Narasimha Murthy received the “Piteelu Rathna” and the “Mridanga Rathna” awards from CKS in 2009, which is NOT the same as CKS Laureate Award.